Sunday, February 26, 2012

US Citizenship :The Naturalization Experience

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USPS-ed the N-400 naturalization application form and the supporting documents, received the receipt in a week by mail/e-mail and finger prints appointment with in a month, gave the finger prints after 15 days, got the interview letter with in a month, answered the first six of the ten questions correctly, read out an English sentence and wrote down another, congratulating the USCIS officer handed over confirmation sheet and also an appointment letter for the Oath Ceremony. Naturalization is the easiest and smoothest process in entire immigration cycle.

Oath Ceremony

Returned the green card and made sure the name and date of birth are correct on the Naturalization Certificate. We watched the faces of America video which showcased several naturalized US Citizens from all over the world. This followed by  singing the National Anthem, pledge of allegiance and then the Oath .They have handed over the Naturalization Certificate and its picture time! Mr. President congratulated the new citizens through his video message. It took two hours for the memorable Oath process right from the time we parked our car.

Another important milestone and a memorable day in our dollar dreams!
Reporting from Philadelphia with our camera woman/US citizen Sparsa , The Immigrant Bharath - Lets keep it that way :)

We have sent the following Supporting documents along with the N 400

1) Current and Previous Lease Agreement
2) Income Tax Returns
3) Green card copy

Visit the USCIS Website for more details

Below is the link to the Study Materials for the English and Civic Tests. You can also get a hard copy of this booklet for free from the USCIS Office when you go give the fingerprints.

Other Info

1) At the end of the interview the officer will ask you to sign on your photograph .He will also give you a notice of Oath document which you will fill in and take with you when you go to the Oath Ceremony. The signature on this document should match the earlier signature on the photograph .The same applies to the sign on your naturalization certificate that you take home.

2) Your family members can come along with you to the Oath Ceremony and you are allowed to take pictures.Make sure they carry IDs.

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Service With Love This Moment

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There is no limit to how much we can keep for ourselves and how much material we accumulate over time. But the more we accrue the less space there is for inner peace and spiritual upliftment.I have read that somewhere in California some morning’s people pay tolls for the ten cars behind them. What a way to kick start our day.There are no strict rules out there on when to serve and how to serve, but no matter where we are on this planet there are always people we can serve.

Drop the change in the donations box as we pay for our morning coffee or breakfast.

Share a happy moment in our personal or work life by taking our colleagues or friends for a treat.

Share our joy by greeting the person that cleans our trash at work with a gift card every festival season.

Remember and contribute one percent of our trips cost to feed the tiny stomachs that wait for a few grains of rice around the world, every time we go on an all inclusive vacation

Send out a check to a non profit orphanage or pay the fees for a kid’s one year education on our kids first day to school.

Work at an old age home or community center or a religious place that serves food for those in need on our birthdays or anniversaries.

Every time we do selfless service we will be rewarded with more than what we put out there. There was a sign on our high school dais which read "Service with Love". Service with love is a sentence that goes beyond its meaning and fills our hearts with joy when applied every moment, this very moment. It is the first step towards the divine and it is the first step towards inner peace.

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Falmouth Jamaica

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Some of the gang members went trekking through the steamy tropical rainforest Dunn’s River Falls .We took a trolley ride around the beautiful Jamaican city of Falmouth. The streets and people took me right home. The beach houses and the churches were no exception reminding me of Kerala and Kodur respectively. The legacy of the British - Where ever you go it follows :). 

Security to avoid traffic jams , as it was a shopping day in Falmouth!

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Helmet Dive : Walking In The Caribbean Sea

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As we climbed down the ladder carrying the seventy pound oxygen piped helmets which we could never carry with out the help of the water, pressure mounted and ears blocked, but the thrill of exploring the open ocean and all its wonders overrode our senses and thinking. Walking in zero gravity surrounded by the incredible aquatic life, One-hour fully guided tour of the sea bed in the warm, crystal clear waters of one of the world's greatest diving locations - the Cayman Islands.

I still can’t believe,mom who can not swim went through this memorable adventure of her life thirty feet deep in the Caribbean Sea :)

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cozumel Mexico : Swimming with the dolphins

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While the Amigo welcomed us playing the guitar to the beautiful land called Mexico, the guide waited to pick us up and to drive us three miles through the Zorro streets of Cozumel to the blue water beaches.

It was love at first sight as she swept us of the feet ,pulled us with her fins,kissed us on the cheeks and hugged us with her heart.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Caribbean Nights : The Cruise Trip

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Serving varieties from all over the world are not the waiters,wrapping the towels in one new style each day are not the house keepers - cell phones switched off  away from the daily rush of this world we were all one big family of three thousand and two hundred people away from ego,away from anger,away from selfishness proving we are all the same deep inside the self built layers of this onion.

As the rays of the sun bounce of the never tiring waves of the sea we kick started our day with a hot cup of Seattles best coffee
Breakfasts are just he beginning of the buffets as the rest of our family joins from their 7th floor balcony suite

Skating or Dance the shows in the Theatre are no less than Broadway

Competitions for the kids ,contests among families even fun can have more fun here.

Watch a movie in episodes every night in the ever running theater,take a walk to feel the breeze of the sea and the musical tides will lull you to sleep.

Bingo on deck 3 and casino on four - test your fate by spinning the wheel.

Relax and read a book or just get tanned there is a new beach every second and chairs everywhere..

Titanic poses on the deck ,poses at formal nights every picture has a thousand word memorable story to tell.. 

And to balance the act fitness centers on the 12th floor,track on the 14th ,salt water pools and hot hot Jacuzzi on the 11th

Seven nights on one beautiful palace on the ocean - Voyager Of The Seas!

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