Monday, October 24, 2011

One Village One India : Updates and Future Events

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I am glad to inform you that we have received the Pan Card required to setup a bank account for our non profit charity organization One Village One India. The next task we will be taking up is to extend our snacks during study hour program to four other schools in Vinjamur mandal. This will happen pre-exam season in March 2012.

Schools that are  covered currently:


Total of one hundred and fifty students.

Schools that will be benefited in 2012 :

Gundemadakala ZP High School
Katepalli ZP High School
Utukuru ZP High School

Total of one hundred and fifty students.

One time sponsorship for this event is five thousand rupees or hundred dollars per school. The permanent sponsorship for this costs one lakh rupees or two thousand dollars for these four schools. You can read more on the permanent solution by going to the following post .

Your contributions will help provide quality nutrition which in turn will improve the quality of education for hundreds of poor children.If you are interested in donating for this cause, please send me an email to -

I will summarize the contributions made as blog posts to allow transparency.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Employer agreements for Visas and Green Cards

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As we hop from one employer to another or from one consulting position to another we come across corporations whose values range from professional to unethical. The ethical ones do your H1b Visas/Transfers and green cards with out making you sign any agreements. While the second kind look at it as an opportunity to make you their slave. 

Any agreement or offer letter you sign with your employer or vendor should not obligate you to work for them beyond a two week notice or a months notice in some cases. Read every line and in between them and make sure you understand every point. Talk to a lawyer if you are not sure and if your employer does not give you enough clarification. Try to add a clause which explicitly states your two week notice. 

Bare the application fees if you have to and do not sign any agreements that bond your to slavery.If you have already signed such agreement talk to a lawyer and see what it takes to break the bond. In most cases these agreements do not stand in court and your employer does not want the hassle of getting black listed either. What looks like a great opportunity to sign any kind of agreement today might soon be obsolete as the markets improve and you find better opportunities. Never sign an offer letter or contractual agreement that obligates your duration of employment in exchange for your green card or visa fee/sponsorship. 

No conditions apply.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Florida Part 2:Miami The Paradise

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At the end of a beautiful key west day!

If there is place in the US that we would like to go back to, thats Miami/Key West. Not just because I love water/sea but it’s just a spiritual Nostalgia!

Blue are the skies ,Blue are the clear water beaches surrounding us for the four hour drive to Key West; It’s a drive in and to the paradise.

As we touch the southern most tip of US , Cuba was just ninety miles away.The street that never sleeps where anytime is party time!

Though the south beach reminds me of the Maipadu beach back home, it gets deeper as soon as we step in.

Weather reminds me of Bangalore as it rains every evening, but it only helped us drench further!. Dive in to the sea, off in to the swimming pool and then in to the hot water Jacuzzi right next to the pool.

Lying back on the south beach chair listening to the waves that never stop talking we discover answers to every question that life has in mind.

ఇక్కడ మేము ఎన్ని సార్లు అయినా ఎప్పుడైనా వెల్లిపోవడానికి రెడీ గా వుండే ప్రదేశం ఏదయినా వుంటే అది మయామీయే.

దారి పొడవున్న రోడ్డుక్కి అన్ని వైపులా క్లియర్ వాటర్ బీచ్లు చేరబొయే అందమయిన కీ వెస్టుని ప్రతి క్షనం గుర్తు చేస్తు వుంటే నాలుగు గంటల డ్రైవ్ అలా స్వర్గ లోకపు అంచుల దాకా సాగి పోతూనేవుంటే బావున్ను అనిపిస్తోంది.

మరో తొంబై మైల్లు అట్లాంటిక్ లో ఈదేస్తే కుబన్ సిగార్లు చవకగా వూదేయొచ్చంట.అదే అమెరికా కి సదరన్ మోస్టు పాయింటు.నిదురే ఎరుగని దువాల్ స్ట్రీట్ లో పార్టీలకు వేల పాల వుండదు.

మయమీ సౌత్ బీచ్ ఇసుకలో గొడుగు కింద కుర్చీ వేసుకొని పనుకొని అలుపెరుగని అట్లాంటిక్ అలలతో మాటలు వింటూ ఈ బిజీ లోకన్ని మరచి పొతే అందవా అన్ని ప్రస్నలకు సమాదానాలు?

సాయంకాలం అయ్యే సరికి వర్షం బెంగులూరు వాతావరనాన్ని గుర్తు చేస్తుంటే ముద్ద ముద్ద గా తడచి , మా సింహపురి మయిపాడు బీచ్ లో లా కాకుండా అడుగు పెట్టగనే పీకల లోతుకు మునిగిపోయి ,అటు నుంచి అటే హోటల్ వెనక పూల్ లో దుంకి,పక్కనే ఎదురు చూస్తున్న వేడి వేడి జకుజీ లో సేద తీర్చుకొని కాని రూంకి చేరలేదు.

Duval Street - Any time is party time!

Clear are the waters,Clear are the skies

Palm Trees Florida (TM)

Parasailing-Just the beginnings of the adventure!

South Beach Miami From our balcony
Naren-One of those best friends from college

Talking to the tides
Ferry around miami downtown

Expensive celebrity homes

Brad Pitt owns that one..

Lets start with some coastal american lunch

Followed by some Middle Eastern Fish Kabobs for two straight days

Served with pita bread and hummus
Nights make it look even more beautiful

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Beyond the five elements and senses

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Within and beyond the reach of my five senses that keep my mind wandering,within and beyond the five elements that make up my body you exist.The so called tough times of my life were only when i took things in to my hands forgetting you.But you were always there for me blessing in disguise.I now love the tough times as they only move me closer to you.No matter how much my mind and body roam around ,only when i close my eyes to see the lotus feet of you do i fell an unlimited happiness!

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